We carry out investments into the potential companies, which have made the decision to involve an external investor. We use various forms of investment depending on the necessity of our potential partners and our investment criteria.

We invest in the share capital, combining or supplementing the investment with possible lines of credit, buy-back transactions and options for realization of growth and development of the target company business.

We invest in the small and medium size companies in dynamically developing sectors of the Russian economy. The companies in which we invest should possess professional management and potential for development and fast growth.

The size of our investments into each company on the average is from 2 to 5 million EUR, with an investment term from 3 to 5 years.

We actively participate in work of companies' boards of directors and help existing management with development of the company and necessary processes for achieving lead positions in the market. We also provide relations and access to the European capital markets.

The exit from the investment is carried out by us as possible sale to the strategic partner, IPO, MBO of the company or merger with a publicly traded company.

Criteria of investment

During the process of the investment evaluation we pay attention to the following criteria:

Presence of a professional and skilled management team in the company and knowledge of business
Clear business model, strategy presence, and detailed business plan for development of the company
A positive cash-flow and profitable business
Realistic plans and good financial indicators
Fast potential for growth or a leading position in the market
Transparency and legal cleanliness of operations
High internal rate of return (IRR)
A shareholding or a share not less than 25 % for the investor
Similar target of shareholders in the company
Potential of high capitalization of the company
Exit potential in the future
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