STR TecOil Hamina Refinery in full operation after turn around

The Hamina, Finland, rerefinery formerly owned by L&T Recoil Oy and EcoStream is back in operation under new owner STR Tecoil Ltd. “We are up and running,” Tecoil Development Director Pekko Kohonen told Lube Report last week. According to Tecoil’s website, the rerefinery will handle 70,000 metric tons of used lubricants annually for an output of 50,000 tons per year of high quality base oils. The rerefinery produces four API Group II+ rerefined base oil cuts: N40, N100, N150 and N200. Side products include gas oils and bitumen flux. STR TecOil Ltd. purchased the Hamina, Finland, rerefinery in late July 2014 for an undisclosed amount. L&T Recoil Oy and then joint venture partner EcoStream opened the €45 million (now U.S. $53.3 million) rerefinery in 2009. The plant was fed by used lubricants collected within the Nordic and Baltic countries and Finland.

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